Node JS Team

We are highly passionate Node JS team, who love to take up exciting Node JS Projects. We just love open source and we are always on our toes to work on cutting edge technologies.

At Piccosoft, we have a fantastic team with people, who are enthusiastic and want to work as much as possible on Node JS. They always look forward to contributing new ideas for Node JS projectsto make the development processmuch easier.

If you are looking for a team of Developers and Architects for your Node JS projects, then get in touch with us. If you already have a Node JS team with you and if you are looking at hiring more Node JS resources for your team, we can help you.

We provide resources as contractors, who can come to your premises and work. Alternatively, if you are a Start-up, who is yet have an infrastructure and set up of your own, then we can provide remote resources for your Node JS projects. They will dedicatedly work on your project, remotely, from our premises.

We are ready to Work
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