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There are many reasons why Node.JS development should be used. Node.JS can create real magic by making the slow Java Script run time very rapid. It can perform I/O operations asynchronously.

Passionate About Technology

Node.JS Development

We love Node.js development, as it is perhaps the best option to build a Web Application that is highly secure, dependable and robust. It is a platform built on Google V8 JavaScript engine. It is an open source JavaScript runtime platform. We love speed and Node.JS helps us achieve that.

Node.JS Developers

We adore Node.JS because it gives an edge to us to build a strong and scalable network. For many Java Developers also, using Node.JS gives the biggest advantage of offering software concurrency.

Node.JS Projects

If your project is about a real-time website subject to frequent or constant change in data, and if the website needs to be accessed by people very quickly, then, Node.JS is the best option. We usually recommend Node.JS to our clients, if they say that their website generates a lot of data or content every day.

Fullstack Development

Our Node.JS Developers are not only passionate about technology, they do not only understand servers, networks, hosting environment and APIs, but they also make sure that they understand your business needs completely and deliver exactly what you need.

Node.JS team

Our Node.JS team is highly committed towards what they do and they always use a customer centric approach for their development. They follow an agile process to get your feedback at every stage of development to ensure that they are in the right track.

Node.JS Development Company

As a Node.JS Development Company, we well understand what Node.JS offers in terms of speed, reliability and everything that makes the Web Applications and Mobile Apps look smarter. We mostly recommend Node.JS to our clients.

We constantly research and adapt new technology

We are early adopters of today's latest and new mainstream technologies, so much so that our clients can safely rely on our skills and our flair for emerging trends in technology.

In addition to Node.JS, we also specialize in
Ionic Framework Cordova MySQL LoopBack MEANSTACK WebSockets ElasticSearch AWS
and many,many more.

About Piccosoft

We are a Web design and development and a Mobile App development company. Our objective lies in supporting our clients' businesses with technology as the backbone. Technology is in our blood and we use it in the right manner to bring our clients' businesses into life in the digital world. Technology is our passion and we see that we rightly imply it to our clients' challenges, for helping their businesses stand out sof their competitors' in the market. Technology is our vision and this drives us in creating history in the field of IT that can result in a positive revolutionary change in the industry.

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